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Write it right. 

About Us

We are a startup that helps individuals, professionals as well as students to edit and proofread documents written in English.

Whether it was a dissertation,  report or even manual script, our team has experience with editing different types of documents.


Our Services

Editing & Proofreading 

What Our Clients Say



 PhD student

"I've requested proofreading services from Lexikos for my MSc thesis and a couple of essays. I've noted that Lexikos are highly experienced, efficient, and professional in their work. They have helped me in a variety of ways and I would highly recommend them."


 Academic Foundation Doctor

"As an academic clinical trainee, research and writing papers form a huge part of my job. I have been using Lexikos proofreading services for a few years to help me with my written tasks. I never had any problems with their excellent customer service. One of the main things I found unique compared with other proofreading services is the fact that the editors at Lexikos will read the topic carefully to have a general idea about it; therefore, the grammatical suggestions they give are relevant to the topic and sometimes make me re-think my understanding from a different angle and sometimes find new ideas to add. Highly recommended and prices are highly competitive compared with other services I used in the past."


Medical Researcher

"Working with you was really great, you've understood my vision, tried to deliver my ideas in the best way, and more than that your service was really affordable! Thank you so much, you've been so helpful."



"Having been educated at government schools, and because English is not my native tongue, I was always in need of someone to proofread and edit my written work, especially in a medical field where the narrative style can be complex. Without any exaggeration, the service I received from Lexikos is the best on all levels: turnaround rate, precision, fees, customer service...etc. In short, Lexikos provide a one-of-a-kind service."